package file and folder with gzip, gunzip, tar

29 Dec

In Linux, file and folder always package to .tar or .gz or .tar.gz . Install package usually packing follow this way. With Linux administrator, we need to know that thing.

Gzip use to compress file and gunzip use to extract(decompress) package.

Default, after compress, original file will delete Syntax:

$ gzip [option] [name_files]

$ gunzip [option] [file_achieve]

Separation files and folders is spacebar

Important option:



Force overwrite of output file



List compressed file contents



Suppress warning



Test compress file integrity



Compress faster



Compress better

You can see more:

help command gzip



Tar is same thing, but after compress, original file keep on.

Important option:


Compress file, folder


Extract from achieve file




written by hotdream1990



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