Mount and Umount device

29 Dec

We have some long address directory and we want to change the short link. We have some device and we need to change to simple address. Mount and Umount will do it.


The first, we need to know how to view current device and free space in there. Type command:

$ df

Mount like hardlink, mount command uses to mount some device to some directory. Syntax:

# mount <name_device> <mount_point>


-w : write

-r : read only

-t : type of device . Some type: minux, ext2, ext3, hpfs, proc, nfs, iso9660, vfat, ntfs-3g


See more by :

$ mount -h


Umount is un mount the directory mounted. Syntax:

# umount <mount_point>


Some important error :

+ command not found : when need focus "umount" not "unmount".

+ device is busy: umount command don’t allow until it release. We need leave that folder






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