Malware(part 3)–Compiled virus

15 Dec

Compiled Virus

Compiled Virus is compiled code. It could run without victim software in operator system. Compiled code can be directly executed by operating system.

Compiled viruses typical fall into three categories:

  • File Infector virus: attaches itself to executable programs, such as word processor, computer games. When virus has infected a program, it propagates to infect other program on system. Example: Jerusalem and Cascade
  • Boot sector virus: injects the master boot record (MBR) of hardware or removable media. Such that could run on startup, control load boot programs and inject systems. Example : Michelangelo, Stoned
  • Multipartite virus: uses multiple inject method, typically infecting both files and boot sector.

It’s a general Compiled Virus in 1980s.

It could contained boot virus.


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là virus mà mã thc thi ca nó đã đưc dch hoàn chnh bi mt trình biên dch đ nó có th thc thi trc tiếp t h điu hành. Các loi boot virus như (Michelangelo và Stoned), file virus (như Jerusalem) rt ph biến trong nhng năm 80 là virus thuc nhóm này, compiled virus cũng có th là pha trn bi c boot virus va file virus trong cùng mt phiên  bn.

Written by: hotdream1990, chinsu


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