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Simple meaning is Post Office Protocol . Standard port: 110

POP version 3 is being the current standard for e-mail retrieval. POP3 is used by most webmail services, such as Gmail and Yahoo

Define in RFC 1939

Index :

  • POP3
  • Using POP3image004

It active in the Application layer and used by e-mail client to retrieve e-mail from remote server over TCP/IP connection.

  • POP and IMAP are two most prevalent Internet standard protocols for e-mail retrieval.
  • POP3 server listen in port 110
  • POP3 client will make a TCP connection to POP3 server to use services . Immediately, server will say hello to client
  • Connection will keep alive until receive quit command or break connection
  • Reply have two formatting:
    1. +OK
    2. -ERR

Using POP3:

USER <user_ID>

Send user ID for mail server to login

PASS <password>

Send password for mail server to certify account


Request to reply statistic e-mails in POP server


+OK #msg #bytes

#msg: counting email on server

#bytes: counting bytes for emails


Show list email on server

Information will be receive more time

+OK 3 messages

1 1205

2 305

3 344400

RETR #msg

Get email #msg


TOP #msg #line

Show the title of email #msg and #line lines of content of that mail

TOP 1 0 

Is show title email 1 and don’t need context

DELE #msg

Checked email delete

Email just clear until client send request QUIT


Clear checked to delete email


End session

Server for example 110


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